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The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association is a private, voluntary, non-profit organization established in 1928 with the purpose of uniting all Puerto Rico’s manufacturers and service industries into a strong and effective body in order to further their mutual interests as they relate to the private and public sectors of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
Throughout our history, the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association has been the Island’ s most influential advocate for manufacturing and related services. We are proud to be a powerful and unwavering voice for policies that support manufacturers' ability to grow the economy, create well-paying jobs, improve standards of living and quality of life.
¡Llévate Un Pedazo de Nuestra Historia!
Es la historia de la Asociación de Industriales de Puerto Rico y sus socios durante sus primeros 85 años. Es también un recuento del entorno económico, social, político e institucional que propició y a veces entorpeció su desarrollo. Se trata de una historia social con elementos propios del comercio, la industria, la economía y la política que aporta su grano de arena a la "Historia Pública"de Puerto Rico. Adquiere tu copia llamando al 787-641-4455.

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