Enclosed latest forecast (8am EST) 8/28/09, a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch advisory bulletins have been issued to our geography. weather advisory 8 28 19

Yesterday we activated our BCP (Business Continuity Plan) as a proactive precaution.

Per the projection above, the center of Dorian is forecast to pass over or near Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands later today. We should experiment some disturbed weather between this morning and late night.

Every day PRMA will be publishing an official update that you can use to update any key stakeholder. We are on top of the situation, PRMA is ready. Our regional leaders and crew are activated ensuring there are double and preventive checks to support your operations. Our office will be closed today but our staff and volunteers are on call.

Yesterday we participated at a meeting in the BEOC where the government explained their efforts and introduced the people who will be our contacts if we encounter any situation that affect our operations. These requests must be submitted through the RF 113 form (attached). It must be completed in full to be able to process support requests. The cases will be treated according to their priority level being saving lives the first priority, then life sustainment, high and normal.


Our main private sector contact is Alexander Pazo Rodriguez, CHPA-III 787 510-9488  If your request entails saving lives or life sustainment please send the RF form 113  RF 113 Ingles Rev 26 abril 2019 directly to him. But please send us a copy to our executive committee coordinator and your regional director. This way we can be aware of the situation and include it in our follow up efforts. Any other requests should be sent to your regional directors with copy to your executive committee regional coordinator.

Our people’s well-being and our effective communication with our members are always a key priority: will reiterate safe practices proactively.

Will keep you posted.

Carlos M. Rodriguez