Caribbean’s largest solar plant to be ready by February 2016 – Nov 5, 2015


The largest solar power plant in the Caribbean is scheduled to enter into operation in southcentral Monte Plata in February 2016, as reported in Listin Diario.


Monte Plata Solar is a solar energy consortium that is building the 30-megawatt photovoltaic solar energy farm in Monte Plata. The US$50 million dollar project is being financed by a Taiwan-German investment operation. Electronic JRC, SRL and Soventix GmbH are the principal developers of the solar energy project.


The German solar project developer Soventix GmbH had earlier purchased the 64-MW Monte Plata solar power project in the Dominican Republic from the insolvent German solar group Wirsol AG. Construction at the plant had been already been well advanced in 2012.


The plant is expected to employ 500 persons during the construction phase and approximately 150 persons once it is operational. Up to 45 Giga Watt hours of electricity will be produced annually.


The design calls for solar panels to be interconnected with inverters as part of an intelligent control center where the electrical energy load will be digitized.


As reported in the Listin Diario, the plant has the capacity to generate 30Mw, and is able to produce 52,140MWh per year of clean energy.


It is estimated that the renewable energy project will save approximately US$8.5 million in fuel per year, compared to conventional electrical generating plants.


A visitor’s center will be built next to the site to promote the importance of renewable energy to the general public as part of the consortium’s climate education initiative.


At least five percent of the income of carbon revenue will be set aside to create a revolving fund managed by the community of Monte Plata. The funds will be used to finance community-based social activities.